Betting on cricket sessions: What’s the best way?

Cricket Betting is the most popular form of betting in India. A cricket session is defined as an established period of play in a cricket match. A cricket session can be allotted on either side of a specified break. There are different cricket session betting tips in a cricket match that could help you win big while betting.

Cricket Session Explained

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. As per the statistics from MyBetting, more than 140 million Indians bet regularly on the internet. This number goes as high as 370 million during major events like the IPL.

Subsequently, there are three cricket sessions in test cricket. That includes a morning session, an afternoon session, and an evening session. A 40-minute lunch break is provided between the morning and the afternoon session. A 30-minute break is given between the afternoon and the evening session.

In an ODI game, the entire game is divided into three sessions- 15, 15, and 20 overs long. Subsequently, in a day game, a lunch break comes into force. While a dinner break comes in if the game is played in the evening.

Cricket Sessions Rules while Betting

The cricket session betting rules depend on the type of bets you place. Below are a few sets of rules that the punters place as per their convenience.

1. Most Runs in a Cricket Session

While placing a bet on the highest number of runs scored by a batsman, the cricket session rule while cricket betting will be as follows:

  • When betting on a batsman who does not score or does not bat in the match, his score stands still
  • The bets you place on the starting 11 always stand. Consequently, it does not matter whether that set of players performs or not in that particular match.
  • The Dead Heat rule comes into force if the two players have their top scores tied.
  • If the team does not get all out within their specified 20-over quota, your bet on the top-scoring batsman is null and void.

2. Total Runs Scored in a Cricket Session

Now, let us assume that you have bet on a certain number of runs scored by a team in their specified overs. A few punters also bet on whether the number of bets placed in that cricket session will be even or odd. 

  • Your bet is null and void if there is any reduction in the number of overs in the match. You only win your bet, if your team achieved the required run rate before the over-reduction announcement.
  • Your bet also stands void, if the team does not get all-out in their quota of 20 overs.
  • The slow over rate penalty runs do not account for the total runs required to win your bet.
  1. A Complete Match

Betting on a complete match is the most common form of cricket session betting rule. The rule below also confirms whether there will be a definite result or not.

  • The status of your bet is “Yes” if there is a definite result in the match
  • In case of a tie or no official result in a match, the status of your bet will be “No”.

Cricket Session Betting Tips 

Betting on a cricket session is a better option for fans who are passionate about the game and its passages of play.  There will be different cricket session betting tips available online. But there are a few common tips you must follow to bet on cricket sessions. 

The first cricket session betting tip will be to watch the game in progress, in case of live betting. You can just follow the updating scorecard but it isn’t quite the same. Live broadcasters cover all big international events in all three forms and domestic T20 tournaments.

You should check your bookmaker to see if they offer live streaming for matches not shown by major TV companies. Alternatively, check YouTube to see if the home team is providing a live stream.

Check out the form, the head-to-head results, as well as the venue and player performances.

Study the play of the game and the betting markets during live sessions.


To conclude, we can confirm that cricket session betting is the most interesting form of cricket betting. If you think you are an avid cricket follower, you must try your hands on cricket session betting. 

There are different permutations and combinations in cricket sessions betting. Even if you do not win the entire bet, you can still win a few cricket sessions and make good money from your bet. We hope that the above cricket sessions betting tips offered by us will help you succeed.

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