A List Of Most Successful Cricket Captains Of All Time

A great captain makes a great cricket team. Successful cricket captains maximize their resources and bring out the best in their players. This could be in the form of a change in the batting order, field placements, or bowling changes. All of these factors can determine the outcome of a game. These changes are made at the right time by successful cricket captains, who reap the benefits.

There have been many star players in cricket who have shown their superiority. Some players are well-known for their batting and bowling. However, some became popular because of their fielding abilities. Despite this, many captains surprise cricket fans with their exceptional careers as captains right from the start.

Many times, tactical decisions made by a skipper have resulted in a team winning a match despite being on the verge of defeat. In this article, we will discuss some of the top most successful cricket captains in the world.

1. Clive Lloyd (West Indies)

Sir Clive Lloyd is without a doubt one of the most successful captains in ODI cricket history. Few cricketers have influenced as many captains in one generation as Lloyd. Throughout the 1970s, he played a significant role in the West Indies middle order.

For a team like England or Australia, for example, captaining a foreign squad might not be all that difficult. The West Indies team, which included cricketers from Guyana, TnT, Barbados, and other nations that brings their baggage and cultural differences, was captained by Lloyd.

In 1971, he was also the Wisden cricketer of the Year for 1600 runs at an average of 47 for Lancashire. Out of 158 ODIs, he has captained the West Indies, Lloyd has won 100 matches and lost 30 matches for West Indies. In addition, 26 matches were drawn with a win/loss % of 3.33 & win percentage of 63.29%.

2. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting was captain of the Australian cricket team during its “golden era”, between 2004 and 2011 in Test cricket and 2002 and 2011 in ODIs. Having led his team to 220 wins in 324 games, a winning percentage of 67.91%, he is the most successful captain in the annals of international cricket. He is one of the best all-time batsmen and successful cricket captains.

Ponting’s batting comes with his unwavering focus from the first ball on. He didn’t mind playing the pull/hook shot even from the front foot with tremendous comfort, and it wouldn’t necessarily be an aerial shot; it would just be that positive trigger movement forward.

3. Hansie Cronje

In the 1990s, Wessel Johannes “Hansie” Cronje led the South African national cricket team as an international cricket player. Cronje, a right-handed all-rounder, served as captain and helped his team win in 27 test games and 99 ODIs. 

Despite being permanently barred from cricket for his part in a match-fixing scam, he was chosen as the 11th greatest South African in 2004. In 2002, he perished in a plane accident.

Cronje and coach Bob Woolmer forged a lethal partnership as they continued to achieve triumph after success. Australia was the lone nation that Cronje was unable to conquer. He won Test matches against every other country, including an incredible 2-0 rout of India in their stadium in 2000.

4. Stephen Fleming

Stephen Fleming is the most successful cricket captain for New Zealand. He was also among their top batters and one of the best T20 thinkers during the original iteration of the game.

He became the first New Zealander to reach 7000 Test runs, batting against England in Napier, and lifting his career average over 40. Fleming’s nine Test centuries were a disappointing return for such a talented player, but his contributions far outweighed his stats.

Fleming was a member of the New Zealand squad for four World Cups, leading his team in three of them. The tiny island nation reached two semi-finals and won the inaugural Champion’s Trophy in Kenya in 2000. He retired from ODI cricket after leading New Zealand to the 2007 World Cup semi-finals.

5. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni was the only captain to win three ICC tournaments and is also one of India’s finest wicket-keepers of all time. India had a fantastic run for about 7 years under Dhoni, winning the World T20 in 2007, the 50-over World Cup in 2011, and the Champions Trophy in 2013.

He won 110 ODIs as captain and scored 6,633 runs as well. His average of 53.92 is the highest for any captain who has at least 1,000 runs in ODIs. His finishing and big-hitting ability ensured he went down as a legend of the game.

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