A Complete Guide To Combination Bets And Their Types

What are combination bets?

Combination bets are a popular strategy of betting. You can use this betting style when you want to make multiple bets. Combination bets are a relatively simple and basic type of betting. So you can make maximum profit and minimum loss using a combination bet. 

A combination bet combines a double, treble, and more combinations. More on this later in this article. 

The main reason for a combination bet is you can increase your chances of winning. If you are in a double mind situation and want multiple options, then this bet is for you. So next time while playing an online casino game you can try this strategy. 

Now let us take a look at various types of combination bets. Also, know how can you make the most of this betting style.

What are the different types of combination bets?

A combination bet has two major purposes;

  1. To minimize the loss
  2. To maximize profit

Let us suppose, you have your stakes in a single bet. Now if you win that bet you get a profit, but if you lose that bet. Then you lose all your money and have no stakes left. But if you have a combination betting strategy. Then you can place multiple bets at the same time. 

So even if you fail at one bet maybe your second or third bet works. This way you will not lose all your stock and also make a profit.

Now let us take a look at various combinations of bets that you can try at once:


Here you can place two bets. This is useful when you are sure about two bets at the same time. This is a common strategy in horse racing and is equally effective in online gambling as well.

A treble:

In a single unit, you can go for three selections. Same as double you can ensure your winning chances.


the real combination of bets starts from here. Bets with a combination of 4,5,6 are “folds”. The skill set and advantage of combination betting are in this four-fold combination. 

The Trixie:

the combination of all the above bets is the Trixie. You can literally go with one double, one treble, and some folds in the same game. Now you have to really level up to master such combinations. Not to forget you will gain maximum advantage here.

The Yankee:

11 selections at a go. Yes, the master of all combinations is the Yankee. It is very similar to other bets but if you use it well, you can almost guarantee the win.

So this is all about the various combination bets. It is necessary to understand and use this strategy accordingly. Now, let us focus on how to take advantage of these bets. We will also find some things to be aware of in combination bets.

How can you take advantage of the combination bet?

Combination bets seem an unlikely player in the gambling world. But they have become increasingly popular lately. And it goes both ways— 

1. Online sports betting has grown rapidly as people have been taking advantage of this way 

2. obviously, players are winning immensely with this strategy.

A combination bet is a multifaceted form of betting. What distinguishes it from other bets is the possibility of winning on a betting event in two or more ways. But here are a few more things to keep in mind. 

  1. Know your strategy very well. Do not simply go for quality over quantity.
  2. Understand which strategy works best for a particular game.
  3. It is important to go for minimum bets like one or two for specific bets.

If you keep these things in mind then probably you will make more out of it. 

Pros and cons of combination bet

The biggest pro of combination bets is that you can maximize your wins. Like you are literally in a good position to make money in any game. 

But at the same time, you must understand that you can also lose a bet. So even if you lose with a combination of bets. Keep on applying and learn from the mistakes. 

Consistency is the key to winning any game. Even if you lose the money you can gain more from it in the future. But if you give up then you book your loss and quit. 

Final words

Combination bets and various other strategies of betting make it interesting. You will definitely win if you do it in the right way, just like any game. Similarly, like every other game, enjoying is the most important part. Winning and losing are part and parcel of the game, but getting depressed is not. No matter what you do, being happy is the most fundamental thing. 

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